Super Mario Odyssey: Players Breaking Balloon World By Hiding Balloons Out Of Bounds

Nintendo has recently released Luigi’s Balloon World for Super Mario Odyssey. The mode, which gets players to hide balloons which others are tasked to find, has been broken by some players finding a way to hide the balloons out-of-bounds, thus out of the players reach. This is done by using an exploit to clip through walls.

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Nintendo Reveals Nintendo Switch Online Prices For Australia And New Zealand

Nintendo has recently revealed the prices for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service in both Australia and New Zealand.


  • One month – AU$5.95
  • Three months – AU11.95
  • Twelve months – AU$29.95

New Zealand

  • One month – NZ$6.55
  • Three months – NZ$13.15
  • Twelve months – NZ$32.95

The service will launch in September 2018 which the current trial of the online will no longer be free.

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Spanish Retailer XtraLife Lists Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy For Nintendo Switch

XtraLife, a spanish game retailer has put a listing on their website for Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. They have listed it saying it is coming out this year and possibly being announced at E3. Eurogamer has previously said that it has heard from different sources that the game is in development.

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