Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion Releases Tomorrow UK, Today US

Nintendo has surprised us all by announcing that the expansion for Splatoon 2 will release Wednesday 13th June in the US and Thursday 14th June for the rest of the world. The expansion includes 80 different levels.

”The #Splatoon2: Octo Expaision will be available tomorrow evening! Help Agent 8 regain their memory as you explore the mysterious underground test facility & tackle 80 tricky single-player missions!” @NintendoAmerica

Best Buy Has Commented On The Netflix Switch Listing

Earlier people had noticed that Best Buy’s listing for the Switch said about YouTube and Netflix. Well, unfortunately they have commented on Twitter saying that it was “an error on our part”.

”@BestBuy Nintendo Switch doesn’t have Netflix and YouTube. Is that an error or…” @DylanMinori

”This is indeed an error on our part and we apologise for any inconveniences. While it has been rumoured to be coming, we have no solid information on if and when.” @BestBuySupport


Captain Toad Treasure Tracker For Nintendo Switch Requires Only 1.4 GB

Nintendo have been able to make their first party games quite small in comparison to others. This is no exception to the upcoming Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Port coming to the Nintendo Switch. It will only need 1.4GB, compared to the Wii U version’s 1.9GB. This is quite amazing considering the Switch version has more content.

The game will release 13th July.

Pokemon Let’s Go Will Have Mandatory Motion Controls

Eurogamer has reported that the upcoming Pokemon: Let’s Go! games will feature motion controls required to use in order to advance, this is in both docked and handheld modes.

“In handheld mode with both Joy-Con attached – you are still required to move around to aim, but you press a button to throw a Pokéball.”

“It is not touch screen like on a smartphone because the Switch is quite a bit heavier than your smartphone.”

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