Splatoon 2: First Anniversary Splatfest Squid vs Octopus

Splatoon 2’s first anniversary is coming up, 20th July to be precise, and the Nintendo Versus’ twitter account has announced a global splatfest to celebrate. The theme for this time is Squids vs Octopuses.

“The #Splatoon2 first anniversary is coming, and its time for a fishy free-for-all global #Splatfest! Which sea creature is your favourite, #TeamSquid or #TeamOctopus? Pick your preferred cephalopod in-game on 7/6 and prepare for a tentacled Turf war starting 7/20!” @NintendoVS

Japan: Nintendo Applies For GameCube Trademarks

Nintendo has applied for three new GameCube related trademarks in Japan. Nintendo also filed a few trademarks for the Nintendo 64 last May. This could be for a possible GameCube Mini (of course after the release of a Nintendo 64 Mini, if it does come out), but we do know it is not for Virtual Console as Nintendo has said “there are currently no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo Systems,

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UK: Mario Tennis Aces Claims Number One On Charts

Mario Tennis Aces has only been out for a couple of days but it seems to be quite popular, especially within the UK, where the game has managed to climb to the number one spot on the UK games charts.

In case you are wondering, here is the chart for this week:

Place Last Week Game Publisher
1 New Entry Mario Tennis Aces Nintendo
2 2 FIFA 18 EA Sports
3 1 God of War Sony Computer Ent.
4 7 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo
5 3 Fallout 4 Bethesda Softworks
6 4 Detroit: Become Human Sony Computer Ent.
7 6 Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar
8 10 Call of Duty: WWII Activision
9 14 Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo
10 5 Playstation VR Worlds Sony Computer Ent.


Captain Toad Tressure Tracker: Mario 3D World Levels Have Been Replaced By Odyssey Ones

The official Nintendo website has revealed that the Super Mario 3D World levels found in the original version of Captain Toad: Tressure Tracker have been replaced by levels of Super Mario Odyssey in the Nintendo 3DS and Switch versions.

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Nintendo Looking To Do Live Conferences For Future E3 Events

GamesBeat has recently interviewed the senior director of corporate communications at Nintendo of America, Charlie Scibetta, to talk about their approach to E3. Scibetta has said that the Nintendo Direct has been very successful but they are also open to other forms of displaying their content, which would most likely mean live conferences, if needed.

GamesBeat: “Is there a reason you’re continuing the Directs online as opposed to in person?”

Scibetta: ”We decide each year what to show in the booth based on the content we have. We also do the same when it comes to what we do in the Nintendo Direct or a presentation. In the past, we’ve done presentations where we brought thousands of people together and demoed live on stage. With the last four or five years, we’ve done more of a video approach. It’s really whatever we think is the best way to bring those games to life.

We think that Nintendo Direct recently has been a nice way to do it because we’re able to package interviews and gameplay and fine-tune it, so its a nice tight presentation. It’s an efficient use of time. It’s a good way to bring these games to life in a video format. In the future, we might go back to a presentation. We might stick with video. We might do something completely different. But it’ll all be based on what we have to show that year.

Splatoon 2: Next Splatfest For North America Has Been Announced

North America’s next Splatfest has been announced. This time it is up to if you prefer orange juice with or without pulp. The Splatfest will start 22nd June at 9pm PT

”It’s time for a citric #Splatoon2 #Splatfest! Do you party with #TeamPulp or keep things smooth with #TeamNoPulp? Voting is now open, and we hope to Vitamin C you when the Splatfest starts 6/22 at 9pm PT!” @NintendoVS