Nintendo Direct: When is it and where to watch it

The Nintendo Direct that was delayed from last week due to the earthquake in Japan has been rescheduled for today, 13th September at 11pm UK time, which is 3pm Pacific Time. It will last for around 35 minutes and will include titles for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

You can watch the direct on the Nintendo Direct Website or the Nintendo UK YouTube channel.

What to expect at the Apple September Event

Featured image from iDrop News

Apple’s September event is right around the corner and they are expected to release new models of iPhone and Apple Watch. Here is what to expect:


Apple should be releasing 3 models of iPhone this year, 2 OLED models and 1 LCD model. The OLED models will come with either a 5.8 inch or 6.5 inch screen whereas the LCD model will come with a 6.1 inch screen, with a lower price. All iPhones will come with FaceID and an edge to edge display, and the Apple A12 CPU.

The names of the iPhones are still undecided but it is rumoured to be the iPhone X (updated model), iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9 (for the ‘budget’ LCD model).

They could also come with a USB-C power adapter and Lightning Cable in the box while dropping the included audio jack adapter.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 4 could also make its debut, featuring the trend of shrinking bezels, possible solid state buttons and improved health sensors including possible sleep tracking.

Nintendo Has Achieved Over 700 Million Hardware Units Sold

Nintendo have recently managed to reach another milestone for their consoles – they have managed to sell over 700 million units of hardware since 1983.

Home Consoles

NES – 61.91M

SNES – 49.1M

Nintendo 64 – 32.93M

GameCube – 21.74M

Wii – 101.63M

Wii U – 13.56M

Switch – 19.67M (So far)

Total: 300.54M


GameBoy (Color) – 118.69M

GameBoy Advance – 81.51M

DS – 154.02M

3DS – 72.89M

Total: 427.11M